My sincere thanks to you and your team for the masterful job you did turning my backyard into a garden oasis. I am absolutely thrilled with the outcome and look forward to enjoying my garden for many years to come. 

Thanks, too, for your extraordinary patience and gentle guidance from start to finish, all of which made the process fun. 

With kindest regards 



Thanks again for the lovely work you and your staff did for us. We are so happy with our new gardens!

Have a wonderful fall, and we we'll see you soon for winter container planting!

Lisa Spieger


Thanks again for all your help with the gardens. They are beautiful, and I love looking at them every day. I have also received many, many compliments from neighbor's I know and those I don't. I will watch for your next newsletter on gardening.


We are so enjoying our garden-thanks to David and the entire crew for making our backyard so beautiful--we were joking that we felt like we were on an HGTV makeover show that the work went so quickly, smoothly, and had such transformative effects!

We spent all weekend in the backyard--we actually installed a DIY sprinkler system with timer to make sure that we don't miss watering! Wtih some extra lounge chairs and some lights we were out in the yard almost the entire weekend and feel like we have a little oasis of our own in the city.

David was very helpful in identifying all the plants that were planted and diagnosing an iron deficiency in our river brich. Thank you again, and please feel free to use us as a reference for other potential clienets--we couldn't be happier! Thank you!

Leslie & Mac

Marguerite! I have tears in my eyes! This could not be more beautiful. I'm just staring from one thing to another. It really is absolutely gorgeous. I have neighbors calling me. I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.......


Wonderful is one of the words that comes to mind; along with FANTASTIC, STUPENDOUS, GORGEOUS, STUNNING, CLASSY AND UNBELIEVABLE. I am talking about the terraces, not myself, and just wanted you and your entire crew to know how great I feel today!! This is the best "picker upper" since someone invented the vodka martini!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you have done and do so well!!!!

Barbara P.

Can't get any packing done for our move because I'm so mesmerized by the patio garden. I knew it would be beautiful but it exceeded my expectations! My neighbors have been visiting to get a closer look.

Thanks for all your patience, reassurance and creativity. I will cherish and nurture it.

Many, many thanks!!! Carol

Confucius once said there is good and there is bad. Who would have thought that he was discussing my garden and my summer job.

Spring/summer arrive and yet, my routine doesn't change. I still have to go to the office everyday, but when my day ends I drive home, park the car, collect my stuff, and open my gate to my house. Then I smile. My yard looks like the Chicago Botanic Garden. Or maybe it's Jurassic Park... With the focus on plants, flower and color. That's silly. It's a result of an experimental fertilizer company gone crazy.

Nope. It's just my house. But, this time, it's a home whose garden has been designed and planted by MARGUERITE and her team of happy professionals. Never, ever, have I met with a landscape designer who listened, laughed, provided photographic suggestions, welcomed my billion of scraps of papers with pics only a frustrated and unhappy want-to-be gardener could collect.

MARGUERITE and her team did it all. They arrived when they had promised. They smiled. They laughed. And they planted...for hours. Then they watered their earth, cleaned the area and departed. They even knocked on the door and said Goodbye.

I return from the office daily and still I smile. MARGUERITE got it. She knew what I was looking for and she delivered.

Everyday I'm reminded of my want-to-be garden. I finally have it and it's mine. I love coming home. I'm proud of my yard. I can't wait till next summer. I can't wait to see MARGUERITE!

Thanks confucius, Fondly B.W.

We love our garden! Please come by to see your wonderful work & visit anytime.
We look forward to having you come back to create something exciting on our back deck.

Pat & Deb

Thank you for the beautiful garden! It seems like a miracle that this lovely garden could materialize where once there was only concrete & weeds! We sit out in the garden every day & are reluctant to go into the house after night falls. We look forward to years of pleasure from this garden.

Most remarkable has been my husband’s response to the garden. He has become the garden’s protector- watering it, weeding it and even memorizing all the names of the plants you put in. Woe to any tiny weed that dares poke its leaves out of the soil! He repeatedly exclaims what a wonderful garden it is and I share his enthusiasm.

We look forward to adding some roses, and bringing your staff back in the spring for a little clean-up. Have a wonderful summer and thanks again!

Nan Jenkins

Just a little note to express how delighted I am to feast my eyes on your artisitic expertise. My balconies are the talk of 1960 Lincoln Park West. See you in September!


Happy healthy summer to you, your family and your "team"... and thanks for making summer so special each year. Now, part of the rite of summer is YOU!

Love, Marilyn

We love the new garden! It really makes such a difference when you look at the front of the house now. 

I feel like a new mother- I’m out there every day checking on everything and trying to learn all the names of the plants. The rose bush already has 2 blooms! 

Thank you again for doing such a wonderful & beautiful job - you are all terrific!

Sincerely, Andrea, Jacque and Laura

Thank you for all the special touches that went into this project. I am truly enjoying the garden (and the cats are, too!!)

Now I understand and appreciate a very special similarity between musicians and people who provide gardens- they all spread joy through their professions. How lucky we are!

Many Thanks, Audrey

Thank you! Thank you for the beautiful garden as well as the wonderful experience. 

We're thinking of going forward with the front yard, but perhaps will wait until fall to proceed. Anyway, we'll be in touch- come by anytime just to chat or to admire your "art work".

With love, Marilyn

Many thanks to you for making our yard so lovely! We had a wonderful weekend and were so pleased to have our guests enjoy being out in the yard. David was great and we're all so proud and happy. We appreciate your part in making everything beautiful.

Regards, Amy

The balcony is a dream! I am thrilled and delighted every time my eyes take in the beauty of your art. Everyone that comes to my home is in awe. The balcony looks like a page out of a garden magazine. 
Thank you again and I hope to hear from you soon. Come, see and photograph!

Love, Marilyn


Phone: 773-697-4198

You turned my back yard into a garden oasis.



We felt like we were on an HGTV makeover show.

Leslie & Mac


Fantastic, stupendous, gorgeous, stunning, classy and unbelievable!

Barbara P.


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